Golf Champion Phil Mickelson Media Tour

Pop Culture PR Challenge: To convince mainstream business media to share the news about Mickelson’s non-golf related ventures. To overcome this hurdle, we had to present a strong business case above and beyond the Champion’s legendary golf career.

At Pop Culture PR, our job was to media train, prepare materials and book Mickelson surrounding news of his partnership with a food franchise company for National Broadcast TV — along with mainstream magazines, online newspapers, trade publications and Web news sites. Therefore, we concentrated on a combination of food industry and technology trends to help create a larger story around Mickelson.

We also wrote, produced and directed Mickelson’s several promotional video segments about his business experience and ventures. A true professional, and longtime promoter of major brands on and off the course, the 5-time golf Champion demonstrated his unique PR talents — successfully carrying his message to the mainstream media.

Here are a few samples of our work:

Selected Media Hits:

NY Post

Entrepreneur Magazine


Yahoo! News

Golf Magazine

Golf Digest

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