Pop Culture PR Reviews

“Pop Culture PR is One of The Top 10 Most Successful Marketing Stunts [Of All Time]” Entrepreneur Magazine

“Darren handled our Card Player of the Year Red Carpet event on Hollywood Boulevard. He has an uncanny knack for assembling the most talented group of PR eccentrics and marketing aficionados that I’ve ever seen.” Calvin Ayre, CEO of Bodog Casino

“Campaign of the Month” — PRWEEK

“I’ve been using Darren’s services for 25 years. He’s been able to get me publicity on both a local and national level, and he always has great ideas to create newsworthy stories. He’s also a CONNECTOR, connecting his clients to others who can create mutually beneficial relationships. As you would expect, his communication skills are second to none, and over the years, he’s become a good friend and trusted advisor. I can’t sing a tune, but I’ll happily sing his praises. — Lou Serrano, Hollywood Magic Castle Magician

“Darren delivered great results for our company. Being a small startup, I wasn’t sure if I would be a priority but he quickly proved my campaign matters just as much as more established companies. I never felt like just another client. His creativity, experience, and professionalism are key assets to the success of any PR campaign.” — Omar Eleryan, Cleo Robotics

“Creative, Guerrilla Publicists” ESPN

“Darren [and Pop Culture PR] hit a home run for us! Our project was put front and center on the world stage, with massive attention in North America and the UK and more than 10 other countries.” — Anna Cummins, Director, Junk Raft Project

“Artful Marketers” — New York Times

Darren’s creativity and experience have put him at the forefront of the PR industry. Any established or just starting out the company could benefit from his network of media contacts. – Shannon Ronalds, Advertaze

“Pop Culture PR, and the team behind it, is passionate about publicity and always finds a creative angle to land clients top tier media hits. Plus, he’s fun, easy to work with, and smart — a winning combination.” — Tami Casey, Communications Leader, Acquisitions & Crisis PR

“On the release of my first book, I knew I needed PR help but didn’t know where to get it from. I thank God for Darren; he offered to work with me within my means out of the ranks of publicists. Not only did he deliver, but he also kept me in the loop. Though I never met him face to face, which was a risk, it turned out fantastic!” — Kiai Kim, Author

“Darren Shuster is a consummate professional. Extremely educated and experienced in the art of communication, he always finds angles for our Clients that turn their stories into viable news.” — Angela Braden, Journalist & Parent Educator

“Darren did great PR work for our online dating site www.darwindating.com. During the time we worked together, membership applications and revenue doubled. The press releases Darren put together were great, and Darren managed to get us onto CBS News which had a big impact on us. Darren is obviously well known in the industry and has a great list of contacts. Darren was also a pleasure to deal with.” — Michael Fox, CEO, Fable Food Co.

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