Mobile App PR

FACT: PR is the Only Marketing that Works with Mobile Apps

You’ve finally had the guts to make your mobile app dream a reality. You’ve consulted all your friends and family and even gone as far as running it past a few people in the industry. Everyone agrees — it’s a great idea. But a lot more goes into a successful app than just an idea and the development work.

Have you built an app that nobody knows about? Have you tried social media promotion only to see zero uptick in uploads? How about pay-per-click?

You’ve come to the right place.

Pop Culture Publicity hears it everyday from around the world. While not all app publicity campaigns will generate massive success — sometimes, in fact, neither the media nor the public are interested in your ‘better mousetrap’. If this happens, you have two choices: quit (no shame in that) or head back to the drawing board (no shame in that). That’s entrepreneurship and the nature of risk-reward.

If you believe your idea deserves attention, contact us.

How Maximize Your Chance of Success?

There’s no doubt that app marketing consists almost entirely of online and offline PR. Other avenues just don’t provide strong ROI. The agency has launched dozens of mobile apps over the years so call (818) 744-1851 to discuss in more detail.