CEO and Founder of Roar Clothing


Deepak Vasandani knows a little something about ‘picking yourself up by your boot straps’ — elevating himself, his family and his company from flea markets in Hawthorne, California to a major global player in the fashion industry. Born and raised in Indonesia as a young boy in the 1970s, Vasandani came to America and fell in love with entrepreneurship and limitless opportunities. And his company’s mantra — “Enough Excuses. Get It Done” —  is born out of this fierce dedication to attitude.

Vasandani is 40 years old, lives on a boat, doesn’t use text on his phone, and sails to Catalina Island on a whim. He’s also no stranger to exotic sports cars — “work hard, play hard.” Of course, he tends to give away a Ferrari or a Lamborghini to his biggest fans. Celebrating the company’s 20 year anniversary in 2014, he’s built a model of success based on the concept of personal optimization.

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